B’ball: Is Anderson Afraid of Samukai?

first_imgIt is evidently clear that Mr. T. Rufus Anderson, president of the Liberia Basketball Association is not sure if he will have a clear majority in the forthcoming elections to lead for the next four years.The simple reason is the owner of K-Delta, Abraham Samukai, who engineered his election success four years ago, and was his vice president for administration, has decided to run for the job this time, in the wake of Anderson’s bid for re-election.And with the kingmaker becoming the king, insiders report a sense of disappointment in Anderson’s run for the job and therefore Samukai must be stopped.What is obtaining now is Anderson’s administration has come up with election guidelines that say, “Only current Executive Committee members and active club presidents in good financial standing with the LBF/LBA shall have the right to vote and stand election,” quoting article Xlll Section 3,” of its constitution.And many club presidents are against it, and have expressed disappointment, calling for the inclusion of all club presidents, owners and former officials who are in good financial standing with the association to contest for positions in the forthcoming elections. As a former official, and whose club is active in the LBF/LBA, Samukai is eligible to run for any position he so desires, Anderson’s opponents contend.“We don’t need anyone to convince LBF/LBA officials about this simple matter,” Anderson’s opponents say.“Samukai is the owner of K-Delta who made one of the team’s officials president when he won the vice president for administration’s position in the last election,” admitted an administrative official, “and therefore I don’t see why anyone should object to what he wants to contest for in the forthcoming elections.”If Anderson and the LBF/LBA’s Executive Committee insist their former vice president for administration is not eligible to contest the elections, then of course, it goes without saying that the members are working to please someone and not for the development of basketball.“That’s like working against anyone who has much to contribute to the development of basketball,” a club president told the Daily Observer.Anderson told the Daily Observer in an interview last week that he would be a formidable candidate in the elections, but many are wondering if being a formidable candidate means denying his former vice president for administration the chance to contest the elections that he has announced he would seek re-election.Club presidents unhappy with Anderson’s last four years administration insist that since Samukai won the last election with him, though he resigned “Makes him eligible to run for any position.”Though he claims to be formidable, many of his opponents think, “Anderson is simply afraid of Samukai,” an insider told the Daily Observer yesterday. “Otherwise while trying to deny a man who is the owner of a club and has run successfully in the past elections?”An impartial Elections Commission and effective Congress deliberations, may say, will resolve this issue if Anderson feels threatened by the presence of Samukai in the forthcoming elections.“We’re one family,” stated one of Anderson’s opponents, “our motto includes fair-play, equality, discipline and excellence and we cannot succeed by being vindictive.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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