Family believes no foul play involved in Montrose man’s death

first_imgBy Jemima HolmesThe family of a recently deceased ex-fisherman has indicated that they do not believe the man died as a result of foul play. This statement comes after questions were raised as to the circumstances surrounding the elderly man’s death.Dead is Sanchara Kawall, also known as “Basil” of Seawall Road Montrose, East Coast Demerara. Reports are the man may have been intoxicated when he slipped and fell into the trench that is just outside the shack in which he resided. Guyana Times spoke with the man’s daughter, Samantha Mahabal, who expressed that the dead man’s relatives do not suspect foul play as they are not aware of any valuables that he might have had, nor was anything missing from the man’s home.Dead: Sanchara “Basil” Kawall“I don’t know is what, but like he de drunk and fall in the trench,” the distraught woman shared. Mahabal noted that she has known her father to be a drinker for as long as she can remember but the habit worsened when his wife passed away some three decades ago.The elderly man who was once a fisherman had stopped working a number of years ago but would usually assist a friend of his with vending at the Plaisance Market. The man who was described as “quiet” and “good” was known for his hefty drinking habits. Relatives of Kawall told Guyana Times that the man would get by on food from his daughter and monies that he received from a son living overseas.Mahabal noted that suspicions were raised when a neighbour went to take food for the man on Friday morning. However, the neighbour was greeted by the man’s radio and a hat on the ground. “It was very strange that it left so cause he really like listening to the radio. He does sit down and listen to the radio all the time,” she told this publication. The woman went on to say that she was subsequently informed of the man’s disappearance and the search began.At around 13:00h, those in search of the man noticed a piece of fabric floating in the trench near his home and his daughter was summoned to identify the body. “Is just a piece of fabric they see and they call me to confirm is he,” she stated.Mahabal mentioned that the last time she saw her father was on Thursday. However, reports are that neighbours saw the man sitting on the bank of the trench outside of his home at around 19:00h on Thursday night. These reports are what led persons to believe the man was intoxicated when he fell into the trench and subsequently drowned.The Police have visited the family in order to collect statements and a post-mortem examination is expected to be conducted during the upcoming week.last_img read more

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