The cause of the chain number declined dramatically is what

remains outside the chain, analysis. Find a few factors: the remaining platform record, then you publish the content analysis. This is not in a platform only once. Recently we have these platforms is the information platform, and in particular, released a theme content on these platforms, in words, is open to poor, do not publish the same theme.

2, "repeated too high degree of

the number of the chain declined dramatically the love of Shanghai included you link pages less

1, Shanghai’s own love algorithm read more

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Love Shanghai play where combined Shanghai dragon will go

March 1st love Shanghai refused to link tool beta version of the line;

in 2013, just over a quarter, love Shanghai portfolio continue to play, let our webmaster is too busy to attend to all, feeling a little confused, a little at a loss. It seems this year not only love Shanghai thunder and rain is also great! Then we will first review the portfolio of a love Shanghai, we look at how to deal with


, to enhance the user experience.


April 22nd, Shanghai love announcement, fully extended undo love Shanghai read wikipedia. read more

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