And on the double eleven

would like to "double eleven" is only at University single students, since Taobao is borrowing, "double eleven" has become a universal shopping carnival. Every November, the electronic commerce Chinese will usher in a blowout, and between the appliance providers will not stop the war of words. Eleven even if such and such is not, in China electricity supplier industry big development under the background of the natural formation of the shopping festival, have strong social influence and vitality, the future will be further developed, and will develop more healthy. read more

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Domestic domain name registrar choose which

just a friend asked me which of the domain name service provider of good quality, raised a lot of questions.

in this TanCee also according to their own experience to write out for everyone to refer to.

take CN domain name (COM and CN domain name is no different, are the total agent, distribution agent, DNS server)

domestic CN domain name top agents are:

Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd

Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd. (and China Enterprise Technology Group shares of a company) read more

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Chop the hand of the party who deformity consumer psychology how to accomplish double eleven

today is the first day of the double eleven carnival, only 12 minutes of Tmall sales break billion, double eleven Carnival passion has been ignited, of course, numerous cut the hand of the party who. Online shopping army is growing, and young people are more likely to irrational consumption, Jingdong, Ali should be grateful to these loyal online shoppers. Buy buy buy a hand chop Party’s pet phrase, but how much value the purchase of goods, perhaps some hand chop party do not know. Follow the trend and make comparisons deformity consumer psychology of online shopping in too many to count them, behind the so-called discount are tricky. read more

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Look beyond the surface of core competitiveness problems rebate network where

If the

in the current China business market, you do not know if the rebate network is OUT. Although there is no giant electricity supplier, Tmall, Jingdong, Sue beauty loaded marketing and profits, ultra low price is not the twin brother of the group purchase of heart, but from 2006 the first batch of China rebate network in the rise of the rebate network to achieve a self profit and development imperceptibly.

only for the return of net as an example, in 2008 at the beginning of the creation of the return network by virtue of their innovative sales model to win the market, and profitable, gave more than and 800 partners to 400 million yuan in 2011 sales of about the 150 person team, and in 2012 their target is 1 billion 500 million yuan, now have a capacity of 4 million users. read more

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Catch up with the big micro era how to take the root upward

micro business is now like 01 years of Taobao, everything is unknown, everything is full of possibilities. This is a lot of people can be said to be a new opportunity, as long as the catch will be the next micro brand. So look at the circle of friends began to turn a lot of micro business, we in addition to a small resentment, whether it should also think that this is a trend in the future?

, of course, the development of micro business will not be smooth sailing, micro business friends have done to know the vision is very good, but it is very troublesome to implement. An early, it is difficult for users to select, can not form a pre purchase; two, product supply homogeneity, can not reflect its own characteristics, reflects the characteristics and shortages of three, in the circle of friends to sell things more and more sensitive, at the same time how to increase exposure also make their business better. I want to do? Solve these three problems, the development will become the other logical. But for the hands of the resources of friends, in the face of the development of a micro business environment, what difficulties are nothing but paper. As long as the intention to do, the problem is always to be solved. So look at others like a raging fire doing business, and how to do? I want a really successful micro dealers need to have four post, namely integrity, marketing, circle and team. read more

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E commerce transaction volume has risen sharply small and medium enterprises interactive marketing t

yesterday at the second China International E-commerce application Chinese Expo, chairman of APEC e-commerce business alliance Liu Junsheng, since China’s e-commerce transaction volume exceeded one trillion mark since 2006, every year over 70% growth rate, and optimism is expected in 2010 will reach 15 trillion yuan. More and more small and medium enterprises to join the B2B e-commerce marketing, contributed to the overall prosperity of e-commerce. At the same time, the amount of e-commerce transactions climbed, creating a new era of information marketing in the era of small and medium enterprises. The electronic commerce generally has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, openness, reduce transaction costs and create more trade opportunities for enterprises, as many enterprises to cope with the global financial crisis harbor. read more

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The bank Wade really trying to do business

recently, Taobao’s annual sales of over one trillion of news in the industry caused no small sensation, which indicates that China’s e-commerce development speed has been far beyond the imagination of the people of. Soon after this, came to the banks to wade through electronic business news, have to say this is a surprising news. The bank wading in the eyes of many people in this business? How much is not reliable, although the domestic electricity supplier is still in the growth stage, but the overall pattern of the electricity supplier has gradually become clear. 80% of the domestic electricity supplier market share is dominated by several giants, the rest are also some small business platform to carve up. If the banks involved in the field of electricity providers in the way of their special status, and the pattern of the market uncertainty, banks getting involved in the middle Poxian embarrassment. So it seems that banks in the field of electricity providers really do not have any benefits. read more

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Liu Tao what kind of e commerce business model for service enterprises

service type enterprise is suitable for that kind of electronic commerce business model?

first of all, we should know what is a service-oriented enterprise

service enterprises are defined as: enterprises engaged in the business activities of the current business tax. Including: agency, hotel industry, catering, tourism, warehousing, leasing and other service industries. The above is a basic definition of service-oriented enterprises.

and what is the business model?

I’m here to give you a brief introduction: read more

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Ultra billion Chinese glasses glasses topped the billboard won the best business model innovation a

February 17, 2014 6 pm, Shanghai thousand Sheraton Hotel together, sponsored by the "Chinese glasses technology magazine" agency "of 2013 to 2014 year Chinese glasses billboard" here solemnly announced. Hangzhou ultra billion glasses with mirror Gallery, Henan, Guangzhou, Baoshida glasses throughtrain weizun optics, Ireland Eye and other well-known domestic glasses enterprises go on glasses industry the highest podium, won the "best business model innovation award". read more

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Japan just make money in China cross border electricity supplier can not go snacks

with the rise of the sea Amoy, more and more cross-border electricity supplier also aimed at the Chinese market this big cake, joined the ranks of the nuggets. Recently, a company called Discover Japan of Japan’s cross-border electronic business platform quietly on the line, can direct mail sales of Japanese goods, including baby food, cosmetic, and Home Furnishing, games, toys and many other categories. However, people may not be forced is the electricity supplier of the whole Chinese page seems to directly turn the machine, so there are many hot eyes of translation. read more

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