Place names thousands of cities and towns in the domain name Hold live it

it has 5000 years of cultural background Chinese, named in the name of urban geography is also exciting again and again, with thousands of thousands of towns in 34 provincial-level administrative region, there were about 2 thousand across the county, city level city has a total of 690 towns, a total of about 25 thousand of these. Millions of thousands of towns name.Com/.cn and other mainstream multi domain name has been registered, such as a "power center" in Beijing, called "an earthly paradise" of Hangzhou, "ceramic capital" in Jingdezhen, the "shoes capital" in Jinjiang and other related Pinyin are registered and the number of such a large town domain and you have been Hold live? Is more Hold live is the abbreviation of the domain name has become the object of pursuit of user


in Beijing and BJ Shuangpin domain name


"Beijing" on behalf of the "China", is the political, cultural and international exchange center, the Larry domain have been registered, the for the Beijing local tourism website, while the CN domain name is the capital of Beijing city information service network, the domain name registration time earlier, in the face of such a high commercial the value of the investment, farmers also unable to have the mainstream suffix "Beijing" Pinyin abbreviation BJ registration, it is understood that the domain name was registered in 1994 overseas holders, domain name of overseas company English website, currently Beijing Pinyin abbreviation two CN domain has not yet been released.

Tianjin domain and


the city of Tianjin in the country after Beijing, the domain name in the domain of lovers eyes also high commercial value, currently registered in Tianjin in 2001 has Larry domain site use, the Department of the Tianjin municipal government, the local cultural tourism information of the English website, two CN domain is not released, the.NET domain name system Tianjin portal, difficult Tianjin? Initials of TJ related domain name and how? domain name as overseas technology website, the official domain name, Department of foreign digital entertainment platform two CN domain name, domain name is also within the scope of protection.

"an earthly paradise" Hangzhou and what domain name


there is an old saying: "a paradise under Jervois", the beautiful scenery of the Hangzhou Department of Chinese most of the characteristics of local tourism, coupled with its long historical and cultural background, but Hangzhou domain name hangzhou.c>

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