Guangzhou off a mobile phone pornographic sites

Guangzhou police opened the network "anti" on the first day of a prelude to Duandiao pornographic website mobile phone

Guangzhou daily news the day before yesterday, a crackdown on Internet pornography and other harmful information special action teleconference held in the evening to fight in the country, Guangzhou police destroyed a WAP mobile phone pornographic websites, captured the website founder, maintenance people Qinmou, opened the prelude to the Guangzhou network pornography.

in January 19th of this year, Guangzhou police network police department found an obscene pornographic mobile phone site, the site server located in foreign countries. The site has thousands of pornographic pictures, as well as a large number of pornographic articles, videos and mobile web site links, which adult forum provides mobile phone users registered. After preliminary investigation, the police found a air-conditioning company in Guangzhou city clerk Tanmou as the creator of the site and maintenance people.

January 22nd, Guangzhou carried out in accordance with the law regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information campaigns, 9 o’clock that night, the police arrested is the maintenance of the website Tanmou in Liwan District Hang Hau village. Qinmou confessed their hiring outside the server space, the establishment and maintenance of mobile phone website crime facts obscene. At present, Tanmou has been detained by the police.

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