The national anti pornography office announced 2012 piracy ten cases

national pornography office today announced the decision since 2012 ten cases of piracy. Specific cases are as follows.


1 3· 11 and selling pirated books. In March 11, 2012, in Chaoyang District, the book market, suspected of selling pirated books Zhao Jinwei was captured, seized 3 illegal pirated books for printing and binding printing plant in Tongzhou District, in Chaoyang District heizhuanghuxiang a book warehouse and the 3 printing bookbinding factory confiscated pirated books more than 1.7 books. November 21, 2012, Zhao Jinwei was sentenced to 3 years and fined $30 thousand.

2 Tianjin "5· 04" selling pirated and pornographic discs. In May 4, 2012, the gold business located in Anshan Road West of electronic mall in the marketing of pornographic and pirated CD dens were destroyed, the scene seized more than 1 pieces of pirated and pornographic discs. October 19, 2012, gold was sentenced to 11 years in prison and fined $30 thousand.

Heilongjiang Harbin

3 4· 14 and selling illegal audio-visual products. In April 14, 2012, Harbin city law enforcement officers during a raid in Nangang District No. 41 Wen street a basement, the scene seized the CD recorder 19, for mastering illegal CD more than 200, more than 1 sets of illegal CD manufactured goods, and arrested the gang members to Qi Wynn headed 3. November 28, 2012, Qi Yongli was sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined $3 million 200 thousand, and the remaining 2 were sentenced to imprisonment and the amount of fines.

4 Jiangsu Changzhou "11· 11" copyright infringement case. November 11, 2011, Jiangsu City Public Security Bureau will be suspected of copyright infringement suspects Jin Guocun, Hu Bao captured in Changzhou. January 30, 2013, Jin Guocun was sentenced to 3 years in prison for a period of 4 years and a fine of $360 thousand, Hu Bao imprisonment for 3 years suspended for 5 years and fined $330 thousand.

5 Anhui Suzhou "9· 27" online sale of pirated publications case. In September 27, 2011, the police arrested 6 suspects in Suzhou City, and later went to Henan city in Zhengzhou Province, the other 4 suspects arrested, has destroyed pirated publications stored dens 4, seized 49273 copies of pirated publications (photos). The investigation, from the beginning of March 2011, Zhou Qiang, the big sales of infringing copies, as of the incident, co operating various types of infringing copies of nearly 120 thousand volumes (pieces), involving about 2800000 yuan. July 25, 2012, Zhou Qiang was sentenced to 1 years and 6 months and fined $400 thousand, and the remaining 3 were sentenced to imprisonment and the amount of fines.

Anhui Fuyang

6 4· 25 and selling pirated CDs. In April 25, 2012, the Fuyang municipal public security departments in Ying.

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