From rise to decline Flash have this world

recently, Adobe announced an updated version of the Flash player, the main purpose is to provide vulnerability patches. A flaw in Flash existed for a long time, can cause hackers to launch remote attacks on Mac or other PC, the malicious programs are not aware that in case the user can download the software to the user’s computer, the user’s security threats. Since the vulnerability is being exploited by hackers and is active, Adobe urged users to upgrade as soon as possible.

I can not remember how many times this is the Flash broke the security vulnerabilities, but remember that this update will be a little time to come, but Flash itself has much value in the HTML5 era has repeatedly been questioned. Only a short while ago, Flash is the age of the Internet darling, flash is a very unusual noun very trendy, but now has no mention of.

rise, the Internet era of low speed

around 2000, although the Internet has begun to spread, but then the Internet is still static.

because of bandwidth limitations (mainstream year is 56K modem dial, a 128K ISDN is the year of the Internet, the nouveau riche) in the main text, pictures should also pay attention to the size, to wait for a long time to open the big picture, download a MP3 needs more than and 10 minutes or even twenty minutes.

as for the video, look at a poor definition of video and so on for 20 minutes, you have to install a Microsoft MediaPlayer plugin is not


is in such a background, Flash started because Flash is a vector A new force suddenly rises., animation, one of the benefits of small space occupation, there is a benefit can be infinitely magnified without distortion. This is too limited to the bandwidth of the internet.

The small space occupied by

, means that users open fast, means you can move on the Internet, and then the GIF animation to move each frame is flow! Can magnify, means that users can clearly see the animation, without having to endure GIF, in order to narrow the subtractive volume (true color reduction 256 color).

so Flash fire up, almost every computer to install Flash plug-ins. The site also found a good advertisement carrier, the Internet would rely on advertising to survive, small size effect Hyun Flash born to advertising for, so any a web site is a large area of Flash ads. Flash officially rise, become a fashion flash.


climax, video brings opportunities

of course, the bandwidth of the Internet will not always be narrow, soon after the broadband. While Flash is not conservative.

Flash MX (Flash>)

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