Maternal and child market needs what kind of electronic business platform

2012 Suning $66 million acquisition of vertical class electricity supplier brand "red child", opened the electricity supplier industry to seize the maternal market of the big screen, it also led to a major business platform to enter the field of maternal and child supplies with vigour and vitality of the tide, a battle for maternal and child market war intensified.

but the child’s money doesn’t seem to make a good profit. Behind the booming of the existing electricity supplier maternal homogeneity, content of stacking, product heavy and complete, many problems such as single revenue model. Traditional operational thinking of the monotony, how to crack, but also the need for disruptive innovation and technical thinking. As a leader of maternal electricity supplier, Su Ninghong children after the integration of Suning, online and offline integration, enhance the professional level and vertical speed and improve the logistics service level, shine in the 818 period, perhaps this is the mother of the crowd need business platform.

online and offline two-line fusion

mother and child electricity supplier is divided into two kinds, one is Suning red children, one is the other maternal and child electricity supplier." During 818, micro-blog Su Ninghong children a domineering viral advertising in the industry set off a great disturbance moment. With 10 years of industry experience rich maternal red child in become an independent school maternal electricity supplier, in addition to professional accumulation, join Suning after the advantage line also makes the red child unashamedly.

maternal and child market is different from the general merchandise market, maternal and child products, consumers are more concerned about their reputation and quality assurance. So consumers can give more trust to become the core of the competition of electronic business platform. For consumers, online standardization, the line experience is the mother of their consumption of pain points". Essentially, this is a new type of O2O model, and the traditional Online to Offline mode, more inclined to Offline to Online, the current domestic Suning are using this form, store, mobile phone terminal and the Internet integration together, chain stores for commodity display, mobile phone terminal the consumer experience the next line of drainage to the online consumer, the effective realization of the cross-border integration of shopping experience "". The red child is also the use of Offline to Online model to greatly expand the maternal and child market.

online purchase, the next line store experience and service content is more abundant. Buy clothes for children, feel soft, the size of the weight of the toy is appropriate, whether the child likes…… In the store can have intuitive feelings. Only through the on-site experience, to be able to buy Shuxin, with ease. The service and experience is the core competitiveness of Suning children’s physical store.

vertical service intensive and meticulous farming

e-commerce development trend in the next 10 years, no doubt – vertical electricity supplier model, local life services are also verified this point. Vertical electricity supplier model audience groups focused, clear direction, precise positioning of products and services, is the product of electricity supplier differentiation. In addition, the vertical electricity supplier model

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