Secret DDoS black market 50 dollars will be able to hit a website


two days ago, Ali cloud released a statement on micro-blog, said in December 20-21 day, deployed in a well-known gaming company Ali cloud, suffered the biggest DDoS attack in the history of the global internet.

DDoS is a very common form of attack on the Internet underground, can be called the basic skills of the hacker entry. But to do the size of the scale like Ali cloud – attack traffic peak of 453.8Gb per second, is still a refresh list of huge numbers.

but this event, in addition to the initiative to spread Ali cloud statement, there is no more discussion, there is no follow-up progress. This makes the whole thing look strange, silent by the attackers, rampant attackers, the rapid development of the DDoS industry. Lei Feng network to accelerate the music product manager, as well as an unnamed security Ximeng, on the matter and behind the DDoS black chain analysis interpretation.

450G flow why "no sound"

each large-scale DDoS, on the Internet can be regarded as a big event, because it can always make a big move. For example, in March 2013 a record 300Gbps, Spamhaus, CloudFlare attack, was evaluated as "almost paralyzed" European network; the February 2014 record of 400Gbps, targeted for CloudFlare clients, including 4chan, at that time, the WikiLeaks 785 thousand website security services are affected.

but the flow of 450Gbps+, if not Ali cloud initiative publicity, which may have been overshadowed by no one knows. Why such a huge contrast security experts believe that this attack is directed against the Ximeng cloud server. Because there is no abnormal backbone network, outsiders can not observe this phenomenon, so there is no movement.

450G is a great value, according to our understanding, some domestic small and medium-sized city the total bandwidth is not necessarily a 450G, that is to say if there is such a large flow to a city of IP, the city will be off the net."

but if it is to attack Beijing, Shanghai and other national network nodes, it is not enough to cause the impact of the backbone, their bandwidth is very high. Ali cloud room is a lot of distribution, 450G traffic is not necessarily focused on playing a room, scattered to each room, the amount may not be very large.

barbaric rude DDoS

DDoS is always lost, active site service paralysis, caused great influence, because it is simple and direct, direct attack in the underlying connection.

Ximeng said that the DDoS attack is a very brutal attack. Some hackers through technical means to control some servers, personal computers, they only need to install DD> on these devices

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