The G framework of enterprise marketing and entertainment framework of FSGP Game Game


how to do marketing? The author yesterday in the best webmaster information service platform of -A5 station network China again published "FSGP micro-blog entertainment marketing framework S framework – Secret: Secret", based on this article micro-blog marketing case study, we can grasp the basic framework of enterprise how to use the S micro-blog entertainment marketing framework the (secret) micro-blog entertainment marketing company Sina, which makes our company Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog to get the number of fans more, when our company Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog fans have a large amount of attention, you can say to a large extent increase our company Sina micro-blog exposure, what is micro-blog marketing? I think micro-blog marketing is through the micro-blog platform for companies and individuals to create value and execute a marketing way. And such enterprises. Personal value creation must be based on the number of fans of the Sina micro-blog, micro-blog how to do marketing? I think, since speaking of sina micro-blog marketing, so it is necessary to have a set of sina micro-blog or Sina micro-blog marketing plan and marketing strategy, the author of the Dalian B-ray enterprise management consulting limited strategic partner of Beijing ex company has always stressed that the success of any business strategy is customer value oriented strategy, Sina micro-blog or Sina micro-blog marketing plan marketing strategy is no exception, Sina micro-blog marketing scheme is still to customer value orientation, the author of the article mentioned "before creating massive customers enterprise e-commerce strategy" in the article, we enterprises Sina micro-blog fans to pay attention to our company Sina micro-blog actually It is also necessary to pay the time, the so-called opportunity cost of mobile phone traffic, then we have to give these Sina micro-blog fans to create high value opportunities.


The best way to Sina micro-blog

we give fans the opportunity to return to high value is micro-blog marketing entertainment companies Sina, Sina, micro-blog to increase the number of fans, and finally create flow! FSGP enterprise micro-blog entertainment marketing framework is the most efficient way to achieve enterprise Sina micro-blog marketing Leroy entertainment, today our topic is "FSGP enterprise micro-blog entertainment marketing framework G framework – Game: game" by Game: the game will be micro-blog entertainment marketing, the essence of the game is the game itself, non utilitarian purpose, from a sociological point of view, the game is the pursuit of a "self purpose", this play the game the act itself is the value of your product, but how to create a game value? The author leads you look at the large global fast-food chain enterprise American burger king" Ace Burger’s success on the Facebook social network marketing case, they planned a "ace victim" game, in an application in the Burger King enterprise homepage game set. The game is very simple, as long as you remove your 10 friends, you can get a free burger, but when you delete friends, your friends will be notified, the message is so

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