The rise of Snapchat from pornography to camera

Abstract: when Spiegel was a junior, Brown told her that I would like to send a picture of the girl who will disappear in. Spiegel immediately on the photos disappear " the concept of excitement, and told Brown that this is a $1 million creative. 5 years later, the idea is actually worth billions of dollars.

The rise of

Snapchat and "the social network" in like Facebook, they have a common background: founded in the elite universities, the founders had ended. Facebook two ousted founder Mark · against Zuckerberg (Mark; Zuckerberg), and Snapchat third founder Reggie · Brown (Reggie Brown) will also be Evan · Spiegel (Evan Spiegel) and Bobby · Murphy (Bobby Murphy) to court, the final $158 million compensation. Snapchat survived the initial difficult test, and now is about to usher in the valuation of $20 billion IPO. The American mainstream media network BI, said prior to the way, reveals how Snapchat rise of social media giants from porn SMS application.


and many start-ups, Snapchat was founded in Stanford University, when young Spiegel and Brown from Losangeles to become friends. Two people decided to join the Kappa Sigma brotherhood, and met another co-founder of Snapchat Murphy. Just a few years later, they will " photos disappear " this idea into a real business.


Snapchat is not involved in the creation of the first start-up Spiegel. Murphy first recruited Spiegel, who is his brother Kappa in the brotherhood of Sigma, to help him create a perfect idea of social network. In 2010, they set up the FutureFreshman website, designed to make it easier to apply for a university. But the site did not succeed in the end, but Spiegel has thus gained inspiration.


didn’t come up with Spiegel until his junior year, Snapchat’s idea was born. Brown told Spiegel on 2011,: ", I hope the girl’s photo will disappear. " Spiegel immediately " photos disappear " the concept.

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