Twitter to expand from Google and other companies dig

news January 4th, according to the famous technology blog Techcrunch reported that the United States well-known technology blogger Lewis · (Louis Gray) was a long time to pay close attention to team building Twitter. He notes that at the beginning of 2010, Twitter will add more than 10 team members to the new office building in San Francisco. These experts are Twitter from Google, Bebo and other famous enterprises dug.

the biggest brand character Twitter dug is Pakistan Kali · Braque (Bakari Brock), he has been engaged in the work of lawyers at Kilpatrick Stockton lawyer, since September 2007 has served as YouTube and Google consultant. You can see in the law firm of Kilpatrick Stockton’s website, Braque’s specialty is: "good at music, video and software licensing contract negotiation and drafting, consultation are good at providing copyright, electronic commerce and general policy issues."

Twitter hired Braque means that Twitter is prepared in the content service on a big, so we need some expertise in this aspect of legal experts. Braque’s rich professional experience will bring many benefits to Twitter, so it will be interesting to see what his negotiating skills and a wide range of contacts will do to Twitter.

In addition,

joined Twitter from Google’s Anthony · Wang (Anthony Wang). He worked at Latham & Watkins firms engaged in the legal work, and since May 2005 served as Google executive counsel.

in addition to the two legal adviser from Google, was also noted experts from other companies, it is likely that they will work in Twitter since January 4th. These include:

– Paul · (Paul Soals) (formerly known as the UK’s leading social networking site IT support engineer and working in Apple)


– Nancy · Broden (Nancy Broden) (video streaming software Qik front user experience manager)

· (RAPOO Thaler Florian; Florian (Leibert) engineer before data services platform Ning,


– Jin Nan · Kananda (Jinen Kamdar) (Ning group’s former product manager)

– Edward · Kaiser (Edward Ceaser) (digital video device >

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