Daily topics the first ten years of the loss of Ctrip online travel only burn to grab the market

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 23rd news, Ctrip recently released earnings report shows that Ctrip fourth quarter net revenues of 1 billion 900 million yuan, up 33% over the same period last year; net loss attributable to shareholders of 224 million yuan, a year earlier to a net profit of 261 million yuan.

talked about the full year profit, Ctrip chairman and CEO Liang Jianzhang said, Ctrip’s profit mainly from far higher than the market expected operating figures, including open platform strategy to promote the sales of each line of business, and mobile strategy also let Ctrip applications become the application of online travel industry realized the strongest, as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2014 Ctrip, wireless application already has about 600 million cumulative downloads, growth of 70%.   mobile platform trading volume accounted for more than 70% during the Spring Festival in February 2015.

we do not see the overall profit and loss, but the overall return on investment, Ctrip is now the largest investment but the benefits have not completely out of time, as long as we each have the corresponding investment growth, future planning can be."

Since 2014, OTA’s

has risen to market share at the expense of its own profits. Cause the major OTA companies reported losses again and again. The model also appears to explore the bottleneck, the main platform for enterprises suffered losses, a single model of the enterprise is facing a decline in profits brought about by the decline in product experience. In particular, it is worth warning that the field of OTA seems to be difficult to have a dominant situation.

where to do the original platform, now began to do the product, Ctrip original product, and now began to do platform. Focus on doing the platform to do the amount of products to provide customers with a wide range of choices, and do the product is reworked user experience. The two companies in the opposite direction, but the reality is the development of the Internet to the last one, which is to ensure the stability of the tourist experience, as product diversification."

combined with the development trend of the domestic industry, online travel industry platform model does represent the future. However, this platform is based on the establishment of logical analysis and technical support, not every business can encroach on. From the other side, as a technology oriented enterprises where the network, Baidu had decided to acquire where it is because of the travel vertical search in the special field, where has established a low barriers to entry, for Ctrip, even if the rich are still difficult to cross the "gap".

insiders also believe that Ctrip’s size and strength, do not need to rely on the development of BAT in the day after. Liang Jianzhang has also said in public, Ctrip will be long-term independent development. He said in an interview with the media, "if (BATX) X is the meaning of the unknown, then I think we have confidence in the future fill in this position, the most likely is ctrip."

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