WeChat pushed open the public number of public permission to support the depth of the operation of t


DoNews October 31st news (reporter Zhang Lin) recently, WeChat public landing authorization function officially open beta, carried out a detailed analysis on the official WeChat positioning, the public accounts of the role and how to intervene the public landing authorization problem.

public landing authorization located in the security mechanism, allowing the public to own their own authority and ability to empower developers, allowing developers to help the public number of operations.

function, the public will be authorized to provide a public platform for the industry to optimize the function and the public number of industry solutions. Third party service platform developers can help the public to achieve business operations, including user management, web services, mobile business solutions, etc.. On the landing after delegation, operators are not required to understand the technical parameters set tedious. In addition, in order to ensure security, after landing authorization, the password will not be available to developers, but through the security token mechanism to achieve technical processes.

access method, the third party service platform developers can access the public number on the WeChat open platform login authorization. Specifically, developers need to first through the developer qualification certification, the creation of public service number in the management center, the development and testing of the adoption, the entire network to publish. After the success of the whole network released, developers will be able to provide the authorization page entrance in their own website, for the number of public operators in the authorization page login authorization.

In addition to

, access permission problem, pointed out that the open letter, subscription number, service number and the enterprise can login authorization, but developers in helping the public number to complete the business, need to have their public interface permissions, subscription number in the absence of some port authority, part of the business still can not achieve.

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