Robin Li China’s nternet opportunities than the United States

sina science and technology news January 13th evening news, by the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Government and the Hongkong TDC jointly sponsored the 2014 Asian Financial Forum on January 13th -14 days held in Hongkong. Baidu Inc founder, chairman and CEO of Hang Lung Properties Limited and chairman Robin Li Chen Qizong said in the dialogue, China, Internet was very large and the impact of transformation for each industry line, Internet industry have a better chance than the United states. He also warned the traditional industry, the opportunity is fair, if you learn a little faster to do some more, take up some space, I quickly learned that I take up some. I think this opportunity is for everyone, and a lot of things to do".

speaking with foreign Internet Co competition, Robin Li think competition is a good thing, can promote the growth of both, but the foreign Internet Co in China "down to earth", he takes Google as an example, "his Chinese named Google, harvest song, feel Chinese harvest happy. The real Chinese Internet users do not care about the harvest is not a harvest, with the assumption that the probability of doing business in China is very high probability of failure".

said Robin Li, in the international context, Baidu is currently in Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia and other countries have their own branch, in some countries, the market share is not low, permeability to 20%-30% level.

in the development of the company, Robin Li said that the main idea is to rely on their own development, the acquisition is only as a supplement. It said that the world does not have a successful company is entirely done by acquisitions, the vast majority of successful companies are independent development. "We are also willing to consider acquisitions, in the course of the development of some companies are found to be very suitable for Baidu development, with our direction of development, we are willing to buy".

in the company’s management, Robin Li said he has been out of date, if subordinates don’t agree with him, he is willing to listen to subordinates, "if you are wrong, I’ll tell you, I have to say that, when we disagree, now that you are wrong, in my opinion again".

following dialogue record:

Chen Qizong: this link we use Chinese, we talk about the IT thing, there is no denying the fact that Chinese in 10 years, 8 years is a very important thing, I give some examples to give you an introduction. The use of PC in China took 8 years to surpass the United States, and by 2007 it was more than the United states. But in terms of mobile devices with two years more than the United States, now in China by the Internet is 2 times that of the United States and more than 80% people using the Internet in Chinese are using the mobile Internet, it can be said China a thousand li a day in terms of technology. On the other hand, Baidu is not the main dry electricity supplier in this regard, but you can give friends here a concept, China’s retail turnover in the past 5 years, an increase of 1.8 times, but the electricity supplier grew by a factor of 19. We all know that one day in November 11, 2013,

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