How to do a good job manager of the nternet need to live force

now product manager, if there are a few years of work experience, I found that there will be a phenomenon that is not to speak". For example, some of our products have a function called "let the photos fly". I asked the product manager, what is this thing? He said he could just send a picture of a cell phone to a computer. I ask: why can’t you just say it? Why do you have to let the user try again?

my point of view, regardless of the product name or function of the name, the best is clear at a glance, let a person can see what the problem is solved, do not mind.

everyone has a mindset, think they know everyone knows, everyone will be. But that’s not the case. I once went to a meeting, next to a lady to open the laptop, the desktop is 360 secure desktop. When I saw that she was using a 360 product, I asked her if she had any questions to ask for help. She replied that there were too many documents on the computer desktop. I said that the 360 security desktop will have desktop finishing this feature. I was in her computer on a bit, 360 security desktop her desktop file classification was arranged in good order. She was very surprised, I asked her: you never click on this? She said, because not familiar, so never click.

product manager may feel very strange: Yes, people are curious, arguably a new button what, to look at the click. People have a strong sense of self, look at the issue from a personal point of view, are with personal emotions. You don’t love a thing, is your own likes and dislikes emotions at work. However, you do not like the user likes, your needs are not representative of the user’s needs.

so, I suggest that we should learn to get rid of departmentalism, less from a personal point of view, really stand in the user’s point of view.

I myself have a lot of failures. In 90s, I took it for granted that I made an encrypted email, which has not been popular. The reason is that it is too hard to decrypt, users do not need. 360 today launched a portable WiFi, there are a lot of technical Master said, what is this, a laptop computer is not on the line? In fact, as long as you go looking around, often with a laptop computer office white-collar workers, for some of the basic network settings are very strange, not to mention the share set wifi. Think about those who only play computer games, watching movies. Product manager of the mistakes I made, I was very stubborn. But I am also very good at summing up, also rely on their own understanding, keep on fighting.

in fact, in the past there is no network, I read this knowledge in the study, the newspaper will often have a few tips on the introduction of the article, I am interested in this area. At that time I made a anti-virus card, was feeling good, but to the actual operating environment will be a variety of problems, so the user’s criticism. But the user is God, no matter how proud, you are.

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