The six stand by me

      do the network for several years. To the Chinese webmaster (especially those who like me to the network for the webmaster) life is really have their own experience.

      I started chipping away in the network from 00 years later, followed by graduation friends full-time network, several do stand also in the top 5000. The network also earned some money, can keep living down.

      but I think, all the webmaster friends and I, is certainly not satisfied with.

      do not make money want to make money, make money want to make a lot of money, make a lot of money want to do more.

      many owners of daily life is to open the computer, look at the statistics flow did not see the rankings. Look at the advertisement fee no more. In front of the computer every day to spend more than 10 hours.

      a long time in front of the computer does not speak really let you stay away from the society, so that your heart is numb, let your passion a little bit away, so that you dream of a little burst of entrepreneurial.

      webmaster, what should I do? Is there a right way? By some of my personal experiences, puts forward some views and small webmaster share:

      1 target

      first you have to know what their own web site, the most important is to what. In order to interest or to make money, I do business. Station’s goal is to make money, want to accumulate some capital through the network, do more, go further. If you want to make money through the network then, maybe your life will be very hard.

      2 direction

      you need to find a direction, is also planning to engage people often say " ". Said popular point, what you want to do a project, make a stand. How to find the location of what I don’t say this, everyone’s eyes are different, and in fact because of interest and vision, there will be a variety of websites appear in front of users. I want to say is: there is a direction you need most is persistence! In one direction for a long time, you will feel very tired, even for you in this direction I lose heart. Want to say is, unless you really find a better future projects, or really think there is no future in this direction. Don’t give up easily. In fact, each direction of the station can do it, as long as can satisfy the users.

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