Sunshine statistics to understand the ideal choice for your site

sunshine statistics is based on a wide range of Internet users ( sunshine users and service industry responsibility for China’s Internet, the depth of a free statistical tool to create.

sunshine Internet as a well-known professional Fu brand network company, after years of development, the IDC industry has the most extensive and high-quality resources, Microsoft and other international software giant maintained a good basis for strategic cooperation, and has a strong software system development and integration ability. Sunshine interconnect in the analysis of the current domestic and foreign well-known statistical tools on the basis of the website, the development and integration of the advantages of various statistical tools, and innovation to amend and improve its loopholes and deficiencies. The sun became the site statistics, statistical tools a master of the domestic.

statistical analysis tools not only contains the sunshine service, independent access number, the number of page views, browse into the mouth, data analysis function pop-up page records the traditional statistics and the sun can also hardware and software analysis of end user (such as operating system, browser version, display resolution, etc.) and increased the number of users for example, visit integrated rate, powerful browsing behavior analysis can be comparable to Google and other established statistical tools. At the same time in order to meet the special requirements of the large web site statistics, we also provide a deep service team and technical support website traffic statistics services.

sunshine statistics special:

1, completely free.

2, real-time website comprehensive statistics

3, an account can be tracked to browse multiple sites.

4, suitable for a variety of types of site statistics, in addition to meet the small and medium sites, shops, blog statistics, the same applies to high traffic site statistics.

5, with a hidden counter, safe, green, no plug-ins.

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