On the management of small and medium sized websites in China from the perspective of record

today to go to the record, because it is only a humorous content website so obsessed with the record is only a matter of time…

doesn’t want to call the MII, answer is: " to the press and Publication Bureau for pre filing " I will ask why,,,? I do not involve this news, also non profit..

answered " it was the press and Publication Bureau’s request for " so I called the press and Publication Bureau, and they explained to me what " was; "

" network publishing " this is an important new words, so I have to tell you what is called " "

The publication of

papers on your personal experience, (BLOG), software, novels, literary works, or by others to reprint content on your site for others to browse or download, which belongs to " " network publishing; (PS:, as the internet almost all things in addition to browsing is so basically all download sites are involved in " ",

) network publishing;

above and " Web publishing " definition of…

This definition,

News Publishing Bureau comrades carefully finished and then explain, involving " " Web publishing; the website must to the press and Publication Bureau for pre filing, I didn’t understand why I a humorous website must do this complicated formalities,,, so I ask whether the charge, and so on, the original does not charge, as long as I fill them to the table, and then spend a few dollars (print + bus) sent to them, make sure to

night, I received, the network publishing record table, the following is its attention:

below is the table’s COPY content:

, filling process, individual or small website please note:

1, according to the "Internet publishing management Interim Provisions", individuals or small website development in the future: one is bigger and stronger, the application issued by the State Press and Publication Administration of Internet publishing license (condition: there are 30 nations with a registered capital of not less than 100 square meters; the fixed office place; 5 national accreditation professional editing qualification, including 2 above); two is the secondary editor in the strict requirements of the relevant state ministries, will face off site problems without a license.

2, involving Internet publishing site registration form is a combination of network publishing research, a temporary filing approach, the purpose is: to standardize the management, to find out the province’s network publishing.

two, I received from the network involved in the publication of the web site submitted to the "Internet publishing sites involved in the registration form", do not reply to you, but

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