nternet in the end how much U S media known web site at least 4 billion 600 million

foreign media said the Internet is a busy place. According to statistics, there are 6000 tweets per second on the Internet, there are more than 40 thousand times Google search, as well as more than 2 million e-mail was sent.

according to the United States fun science website reported on March 18th, but these data is only a slight indication of the size of the network. As of September 2014, there are about 1 billion websites on the internet. As the site has been closed and set up, this figure is always changing. There is a "deep web" under the Internet that most people are familiar with, including the search engines that are not indexed.

It is easy to find out that the timing of the "surface" network changes with the non quantitative nature of the deep web, and it is difficult to estimate the size of the


According to statistics, as of mid March 2016, there are at least 4 billion 660 million online pages. This covers only searchable web pages, not deep web.


so how much information is available on the Internet?

Davies, a professor of communication at University of California in ·, Hilbert, said that the problem can be viewed from three perspectives from the perspective of. Hilbert said on the website: "the Internet stores information, dissemination of information and computing information."

in 2014, researchers published a study in the Journal of supercomputing technology innovation and innovation, an estimate of the Internet’s storage capacity of 1 million bytes. A byte is a unit of data that contains 8 bits, equal to one letter in the word. 1 exabytes is equivalent to 100 quadrillion bytes.

One way

can assess the Internet’s ability to spread is to measure its traffic. According to CISCO’s visual network index project, the Internet is now entering the era of Ze bytes". The 1 – bit byte is 1000 bytes. CISCO estimates that by the end of 2016, the global Internet traffic will reach 1.1 bytes per year, by 2019 will reach an annual capacity of 2 bytes.

CISCO, said the 1 Ze bytes equivalent to see the HD video for 36 thousand years, it is equivalent to the online video rental provider Chennai company’s list of all the players to play the 3177.

2011, Hilbert and his colleagues in a paper published in the journal Science estimates that the Internet’s ability to communicate is 3× 1012Kbps (kbit per second). This calculation is based on hardware capabilities, rather than how much information is actually transmitted at any time.

if these bits and bytes of what sounds abstract, do not worry: in 2015, the researchers tried to show the scale of the Internet in an organic way.

researchers estimate that the entire network (including the deep network) of the contents of the print out, you need to cut down 2>

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