Beijing investigated 43 pornographic novels published in the website and network Beijing

on 7 June, according to the requirements of the General Administration of press and publication, the Beijing cultural market administrative law enforcement corps of the "western", "customers" posted on the website of "romantic" and "teaser" Yifei is "love", red and other pornographic novel network behavior were investigated according to law, a total ban pornographic novel network 43, ordered 24 sites to delete 209 links to illegal content, close and cancel the registration website 8, ordered rectification website 8.

since October 2010, the General Administration of press and publication continuously issued a notice on investigation of "romantic" Yifei dozens of pornographic novels published in network and mobile phone and website, request the relevant departments to take effective measures to crack down on pornographic online publications and publishing activities, severely punish illegal websites, purify the cultural environment of the network. Beijing City, the cultural market administrative law enforcement corps after intensive investigations and evidence, in accordance with the law in order to "western", "Hao Fang", "customers" 24 illegal websites were investigated, respectively, to give the order to stop the Internet publishing service, cancel the record information, the closure of the site, fines and other administrative penalties. For those suspected of crimes by the public security department.

Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps found in the supervision work, along with the new technology of network of new formats continue to emerge, and spread in the form of pornographic Internet publications more hidden, to avoid combat means more and more cunning, showing the three main features: a pornographic website by changing IP address, domain name jump means the server outside the province or outside the transfer, in order to avoid regulation; two is published, the spread of pornographic web publication channels transferred from the website to the personal space of the trend; three is the network transmission of pornographic publications is becoming more diverse, such as intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, books etc..

the next step, the General Administration of press and publication requirements of the relevant departments will continue to intensify supervision and inspection of the network, and explore the law, and do a good job of cleaning and work, the illegal publication, dissemination of pornographic publications website to fear, effectively deter criminals, and actively create a healthy network culture environment.

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