SouFun was intermediary boycott survey service fees 5 years turned over the main cause of ten times

SouFun was intermediary boycott survey: service fees 5 years turned over the main cause of

times of ten

cooperation with SouFun at the beginning, the fee is about 60 yuan per month, the annual fee is only up and down in the $700. This 5 years, the cost of cooperation between the two sides continue to rise, and now the monthly cost of $550, nearly ten times." I love my family manager Xu Qiang said.

recently, including I love my family, including 19 real estate agents in Shanghai held a press conference, announced the joint ban SouFun, with immediate effect on all the shelves in Shanghai. This 19 intermediary including Centaline, twenty-first Century real estate, blissful real estate, I love my family, the original estate, the total number of listings shelves which has more than half of the listings Soufangwang Shanghai.

conflict: Intermediary profit margins have been severely squeezed

this is not the first time the real estate agency conflicts with soufun. In May 28th this year, in Hangzhou, I love my family as the representative of the 9 real estate agents to improve the port fees Soufangwang Soufangwang announced the withdrawal of all listings. These 9 real estate agents in Hangzhou market share of more than 80%. On the same day, Chongqing 10 intermediaries to Soufangwang proposed to reduce fees and other requirements.

is more than Soufangwang, in March of this year, another real estate platform anjuke also was a real estate intermediary boycott, are exactly the same reason: since the platform line, repeatedly changing the charging methods, and constantly improve the single click to the intermediary service fees, the sale of housing a single click on the price rises of 27%. A single click on the source disk lease price rises 50%.

it is understood that Soufangwang port services initially charged about 60 yuan per month, the annual fee is only in the upper and lower $700. Over the past 5 years, rising costs, and now the monthly cost of $550, nearly ten times.

and the 5 years of real estate intermediary industry fees and not too much adjustment, intermediary and real estate intermediary costs rise sharply, profit margins have been squeezed. Chain of home real estate Vice President Lin Qian said that in order to promote listings on the platform, the company in 2013 to pay the port fee of 3-5 billion yuan, 3 times more than in 2012. In the first quarter of this year, nearly 60% housing results, while the intermediary companies are operating difficulties even stores.

dilemma: SouFun revenue mainly by intermediary port services pull

SouFun has just released second quarter earnings, Revenue $168 million, an increase of 16.8%. Among them, associated with the release of second-hand housing availability revenues of $41 million 700 thousand, compared with $42 million 100 thousand in the first quarter dropped, while the two quarter business grew only 8.5%, compared with 57% in the first quarter growth rate has declined significantly.

it is understood that the secondary housing business services for the main property intermediary. SouFun previously reported earnings of $121 million 200 thousand in the first quarter, an increase of 33.2%, which search >

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