Lee on behalf of the drug addiction so that Suning is very hurt

March 18th, Li Daimo was arrested because of drug use in the rental housing, which allows the endorsement of Lenovo, suning.com, and other companies are injured. In fact, a shark feel that the Internet era companies are still simply using celebrity endorsements advertising on the OUT, celebrity endorsements are being subversive Internet thinking.

Lenovo, Suning very hurt

has been in the limelight of the Li Daimo was arrested because of drug use, which makes those who asked him to speak of Lenovo, suning.com, and other enterprises with the party is injured, presumably this evening these enterprises marketing department staff will be a sleepless night, in an emergency withdrawal related advertising, and discuss how to remedy the night……

although these enterprises must be in the endorsement contract which specifies the corresponding terms similar to this case, the general is immediately terminated and you can get the appropriate compensation, but caught netizens whispering in the rental house, Li Daimo has done so much advertising, why can not afford to buy housing? The difficulty is spent taking drugs? However, in any case, Li Daimo was arrested, so that these enterprises image, and is forced to stop advertising, disrupted the normal pace of market promotion.

Internet subversion celebrity endorsements

in fact, in the Internet era, celebrities advertising is being subversive, pure star advertising is becoming not only very little value, but will be counterproductive, must rethink in the way of thinking of the Internet how to use star endorsement business.

first, let us revisit the Internet thinking six words a shark: iteration, the masses, boutique. That is the so-called iteration, the age of the Internet, need to market quickly, and constantly improve the user interaction in order to achieve the optimization iteration; the mass, in the whole process of interaction with the masses, using the power of the masses to improve the optimization, draw on the wisdom of the masses; the so-called boutique, which is less than the age of the Internet, will need to focus on the advantages of resources at one point to achieve detonation and breakthrough, and rely on word of mouth of the masses to achieve rapid propagation.

from these angles to re-examine the Internet era celebrity endorsements, there will be many different findings.

first, the traditional star endorsement advertising cycle long, the need to change the characteristics of one-way. The traditional star advertising, is 1 times of the play, companies spend huge sums of money, finite time gap about star shooting advertising, then heavily on television, outdoor media, and then users watch the ads, so as to achieve brand awareness. This approach takes a long time, big investment, advertising is a one-way infusion to the user, not the Internet age play, does not meet the Internet era of open, interactive, fast iterative play.

secondly, the Internet flat, the characteristics of the center of the star endorsements can not cover all the crowd, may backfire. The Internet is characterized by equality, centralization, disintermediation. Enterprises looking for celebrity endorsements, hoping that the star of this intermediary to attract fans crowd of stars. But enterprises >

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