B2C site micro blog small big marketing

now many webmaster, whether Taobao or other guest Wangzhuan owners, tightly grasp the Baidu rankings, they are relying on the keywords ranking website profit, stable flow, in order to sell advertising and commission. Such a form of profit is bound to create a ranking of only seo. The breakdown of the website rankings, external promotion to Links, buy the chain, such as Forum blog platform to release the chain. Micro-blog marketing approach rarely touched, because micro-blog marketing brings less traffic, the cycle is long, so that small investment owners rarely use.

at present, the domestic micro-blog marketing practices or to rely on micro-blog based Reds forward. The Reds, they were expelled because of interest to go forward, and not the true sense of concern. It extends a micro-blog marketing price, according to the number of fans clearly marked. It is understood that micro-blog has thousands of fans forwarded an ad will be able to make money, the more fans, the greater the price difference. Chen Yao, like the weight of the class of micro-blog, on the eve of the proceeds of the transfer of a non-profit nature of advertising. It is precisely because micro-blog marketing is not good to do, the cost of resources can not be produced quickly. So, now that success like every guest, Le Amoy micro-blog marketing case after a few.

B2C site requires micro-blog marketing, which is the B2C site characteristics of the decision, below, I talk about the characteristics of the B2C site and the relationship with micro-blog marketing.

first, the B2C site depends on strong purchasing power to survive. Micro-blog marketing through 140 words to promote the topic, causing fans and netizens attention. It solves the problem of brand promotion and user communication from the outside of the website. Because of the urgent needs of users of B2C website viscosity and high conversion rate, whether it is B2C or large website return rebate website, social media marketing has the function of website development. Like the return of the network micro evaluation function to solve the problem of the user shopping process, to provide users with a platform for evaluation of goods to narrow the distance with the user. This makes the social media marketing one of the micro-blog marketing channels more widely.

secondly, B2C website coupons and other marketing activities to promote the use of micro-blog marketing channels, which greatly increase the coverage of preferential information. Many Internet users are rarely go to the forum and blog, for them to contact the computer network is the largest portal, video. The use of micro-blog mobile phone anytime and anywhere concerned about social trends, so that the majority of users to use. So, let more people know preferential information, need to spread micro-blog. Many promotions are not successful, the reason is that they did not receive widespread attention. Coupons and other activities is also the use of users like the mentality of small profits, to various types of coupons, genuine price, holiday feedback and other content is very easy for the site cited flow, to achieve transformation.

then, B2C site needs to promote the brand, and a lot of B2C sites to train fans through the formation of micro-blog marketing. Like every guest, Lok, one shop and >

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