8 considerations of enterprise network marketing planning

1, website construction and design light application

construction enterprise website is a very important part of network marketing. However, in fact, most companies do not play the role of the site should be the role of network marketing. This is inseparable from the understanding of the enterprise website construction. Most companies believe that the site is the company’s online appearance, the more beautiful the better. Art design, Flash animation, corporate image has become the focus of attention of the enterprise, as the site is in line with the needs of network marketing, whether it is convenient for future features to increase or adjust, do not consider. Part of the website construction service providers also cater to the preferences in the form of great efforts, high site construction costs for internal function and the application link is not to do marketing.

website construction is to serve the needs of network marketing, this must be clear. Website construction should be designed and applied. It is necessary to pay attention to corporate image display, should clear the site network marketing service functions and processes, focusing on building a product or service, user interaction, information retrieval, customer experience and other aspects, to make the site more practical and effective.

2, blindly spam marketing, information group

many enterprises in the face of network marketing at a loss, many companies have chosen to send spam, or sending information to all kinds of BBS, Blog and guestbook. Although in the short term, the enterprise can obtain some network marketing effect, such as site visits to some of the business turnover rise, etc., but in the long run, the effect of network marketing companies hurt is far greater than the.

is the first corporate image damage. Spam is hated by Internet users, most of the spam is a number of leather companies, lack of integrity, poor quality products and even malicious fraud, illegal products and other image. Once the enterprise and spam company, its image will be greatly reduced in the minds of consumers.


enterprise once accustomed to the low price, the injury of the big network marketing methods, the blind pursuit of abnormal network marketing products with low pay high returns, the lack of a correct understanding of the rate of return on investment, will be very difficult to accept the Internet marketing services and products really healthy, miss network marketing opportunities and business development opportunities.

3, network marketing products follow suit to buy

now there are many kinds of network marketing products, coupled with the salesman qiaosheruhuang, enterprises in the selection of products above are very confused. We can often find a phenomenon, that is, once a few companies in the industry to use some kind of network marketing products, then the other companies are buying.

many network marketing service providers to seize the business and follow the trend of buying psychological comparisons, through industry customer meeting, network marketing products that an industry meeting, give full play to the "customer witness" and "Referral" skills, to enable enterprises to weaken their own judgments, follow the choices of others, or compare the rivalry, blind purchase. Enterprise win

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