The three generation of Entrepreneurs 40 after 60 after 80 hard known retreat with interest

Abstract: 40 after the wolf entrepreneurship, after the richest of the 60, after 80 consecutive business, the different times of the three, the different life of the entrepreneurs of the three, do not know which generation of entrepreneurs more fortunate.

is the three generation of the new year, often even four generations. Often encounter such a party, if slightly stripped out of their own, you can see everyone in their own era of confusion, in their own way, to understand others, try to let others understand themselves, to adapt to the times, also hope to be treated kindly times.

is still active in the three generation of entrepreneurs, but also what kind of


40s born

a few months ago and two photo Shuabing in the circle of friends.


Ren Zhengfei and Zong Qinghou are a very successful businessman, is also in the seventies of the enjoyment of age, not only still fight in the front line of the enterprise management, still life tough to treat themselves, as a symbol of the plain.

this may be the entrepreneur of their age.

Ren Zhengfei and Zong Qinghou were born around the end of World War ii. Their adolescence, in the years of the cultural revolution.


Zong Qinghou’s teenage, was sent to an island in the East China Sea on the porters. At that time, he in the morning on the east side of the island back a big wood, night shipped to the west of the island, the hands are wood scrape blood, such a day to earn a dime.

he later returned to Hangzhou for his mother in the school factory work, also riding a tricycle to primary school door to sell notebook, selling drinks. Until the age of 42, he set up his own business "Wahaha", later to become the three richest man in China.

Ren Zhengfei is also 43 years old in Shenzhen founded a very small, started trading company, and later developed into the world’s most valuable companies in the list of the top fiftieth – HUAWEI.


is precisely because of these experiences, so that this generation of entrepreneurs have three characteristics:

they have a wolf, is the totem of the wolf totem, think that the times will always abandon them, not easy to catch the opportunity, must be like a wolf like flutter up, can’t lose any possibility;

, when they were young, is discipline grow up, they are a group of collectivism, is opposed to liberal individualism;

think they live in this world just for one thing, is to do a good job, you can sacrifice private time for the cause, the sacrifice of health, the sacrifice of family…… Sacrifice everything, and ask others for this standard – you are the one who fights with me, and you should sacrifice your time, your family, and sacrifice everything you have.

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