22 million 840 thousand nternet users in the stock market individual owners can divide a few cups

22 million 840 thousand Internet stocks, personal webmaster how many individuals have?

if this figure is accurate, then there are 22 million 842 thousand Internet users have been on the Internet stocks or access to information. The current number of shares has reached 94 million, but some analysts said that the actual investors may be less than $50 million. In other words, about half of the investors have been online stocks.

The survey report of

showed that the life of the Internet assistant utilization rate is not high in China only 15% of Internet users through the network to find work, 25.5% of Internet users use online shopping, only 3.9% people online travel booking. But this year, 20% of Internet users began to use online banking, Internet users use the Internet stocks of 14.1%. In the last year, the stock market has not been a separate project, the use of online banking and online banking users in the total number of about 10%, indicating the extreme impact of the stock market tide for Internet users.

The investigation report of

also showed that the number of Internet users entered a period of rapid growth, but still lower than the global average, half year average per minute added nearly 100 users, growth in the first half of the growth close to last year’s rapid growth of Internet users; wireless Internet, mobile phone network 1/4 super civilian Internet; China website first half growth of 470 thousand, per million people have 10 websites; young Internet users to the main entertainment, nearly 20% Internet time.

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