Thanksgiving brand marketing 5 routines is not just say thank you

pain point copy stamp, eye-catching posters, the brand with the smart node blend, so as to achieve the purpose of communication. This is probably the main reason for each advertiser to keep up with the hot spots do not relax. So the question is, in this shy to say thank you to the intimate partner’s Thanksgiving, brand in the end how to succeed out of the occasion, dry feelings circle, creative, interesting, and moved into the brand


this year after the major brand " ", summed up the poster thanksgiving; Thanksgiving " " marketing; five strokes, hoping for your solution as pressing danger.

routines: go straight to the theme of " thank you, ", simple and crude, but very effective

" thanks to parents, thanks to colleagues, thanks to friends, thanks to the user…… " you’re not wrong, this is. No longer care about other words, completely out of this shy to express gratitude, Thanksgiving Thanksgiving to watch the theme, object, generous to say thank you. This method seems to be known old-fashioned, in fact. As long as people can copy, as long as the poster can warm the new marketing effect is absolutely awesome. Do not believe you look!

100: " thank you " is not only a word, it is a kind of mood.


thank you, because of you, there will be a surprise


thank you, because your ad will be interesting!


thank you, because you, the terminal will also make sense!


thank you, because of you, the newspaper will have


the " " warm baiqueling;; the main tone, a Thanksgiving heatwave, launched a new topic: # green Friday #. Literature and art are fresh, thanks and warm heart. With the first wave of data to prove their strength, and then launch " 100 birds gazelle products, not flaunt results, just say ‘thank you’. The old driver is baiqueling coax fans.

[Himalaya X eight brands: this time I want to thank you]

ink weather

is not every " hope tomorrow is good weather "

can summon

" sunny skies "

I want to use the weather forecast this time,

thank you for your company.



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