Blog marketing experience sharing talk about blog marketing can bring you what

blog marketing is an old concept, but I believe there are still a lot of people confused on the blog marketing, especially the confusion on the blog marketing what bring for the enterprise or the website, today I talk to, I think the blog marketing, blog marketing can bring what.

blog can gather a group of users with common interests

I began to write a personal blog from the 09 year, it may be unintentional, because Taobao is off a lot of the brothers and sisters know, at that time, my blog is my only outside the window, but also because of this, my blog has a large number of subscribe to my original article, Taobao guest users, this is a group and I have common aspirations, to strive together to network poineering dream friend, if not my personal blog, I think these users may only know Dai Renguang, but I do not know what Dai Renguang, through this blog to share my personal experience of those who do not mature, we can discuss in the course of time. Come to my blog, read new articles, and blogs have feelings, blog is different from other sites, behind the blog is a live blogger blog Through the reading of the article, you can learn a lot of ideas from the side of the blogger, you can also understand how the blogger is a kind of person. I think this is the most important.

blog is a good way to build a brand

although I do blog is intended to simple personal experience to share, but in the course of time to the blogger’s user identity, but also can identify bloggers created websites, bloggers to create enterprise. Also in the blog to write 2 months later, began to do super webmaster network, I did not expect is that the super Adsense network on the line, there are a lot of people have to register, these are the original blog users. The first time that the Bo main website, is sure to join, so the forum in its early days is the first batch of active users, I think this is the most valuable resource. Why can such a simple access to the first batch of active users, because the blog, the blog quickly spread some of the new brand, because the blogger is the webmaster of the site, this is the brand. So many companies began to write a blog, but I do not know what to write, in fact, blog or a bit more personal things, so that some business owners to write a blog, of course, also suggested that Internet webmaster, customers have to write their own blog, share user experience is useful for you to win the user’s trust and identification, then your website, the shop will naturally become a brand in the eyes of the user.

a good platform for public relations crisis

network is now too dangerous, now the customer is too fragile, as long as the customer is somewhat dissatisfied, will spread negative information on the Internet, these negative information is true also just, the key is a lot of people spread rumors, the website brand caused a lot of influence, and even a lot of old users see, too will lose the trust of the website, this is the most difficult, but your users are aware of your blog, >

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