See the network promotion and the creation of the road from VANCL

in recent years, network marketing fast, some enterprises use the network propaganda website, potential, successfully carried out its own promotion, and establish a brand, enhance the sales. Even in the past can not see the Internet marketing industry giants, also began to promote the network as an important job. The famous clothing VANCL B2C e-commerce website website from the unknown to the public to unlimited scenery, its powerful and professional network promotion work can not be. The network marketing is a driving force to VANCL’s soft Wen promotion as an example, the paper analyzes the professional soft Wen promotion practices, and the creation of soft type, creative techniques are summarized.

, for example:

Eslite planning case

a, for brand image. For example: "VANCL: clothing fashion Home Furnishing brand" by the success of the Internet; it directly recognizes his own service orientation and core demands.

two, opinion leaders. A clothing B2C website by Obama’s visit to Obama’s visit to China in the topic, dress skills "as the subject of a soft introduction to their website; industry elite, politicians, sports stars, movie merchant network popular characters are the important object of speculation.

three, "for the third party personal experience". For example, in "the first Eslite website online shopping experience on my shirt" topic of the web services are introduced in the third person; such soft Wen can enhance corporate reputation and consumer, and caused a good association and the impulse to buy the service.

four, service quality and satisfaction. On the website Eslite Eslite VANCL VANCL quality how "third party communication satisfaction for service; through the detailed introduction to the product quality, product quality and service to spread to.

five, for service upgrades. For example, "VANCL launched its own brand"; from the beginning of the series of women’s shirts, to upgrade services.

six, corporate image publicity. For example, "VANCL founder Vintage: Vancl Internet mode" and "old VANCL: the Internet a clothing brand new market".

seven: Innovation for service details. Such as "VANCL from a logistics distribution war B2C".

eight: cross border marketing. Such as "the perfect time to online shopping online, Eslite megamerger".

nine: for service upgrade transformation. For example, "from shirts to sling VANCL turned sexy".

ten: celebrity endorsements. Such as "invisible endorsement Xu Jinglei to the B2C Eslite sell necklace".

Eleven: for promotion. "VANCL next week push super cheap jeans autumn and winter promotion began".

soft marketing cost is low, the effect is good, if planning, properly organized, can play the role of 42 dial. In all honesty as an example, we can.

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