WeChat is really used to do marketing it Beg to differ

mobile Internet is the real Internet, and WeChat is the representative of the mobile Internet, mobile Internet products are also the largest user of the product. So WeChat marketing has burgeoned, see some WeChat marketing articles often earning Jiwanji, of course I do not deny that WeChat marketing can make money, but I think WeChat’s biggest role is not to do marketing, also not suitable for the promotion of marketing, marketing is just one of its small functions.

why I would say that WeChat is not suitable for promotion, preferred to see its features, if WeChat is not conducive to personal communication, because it is a closed system, a stranger is invisible. Simply can not spread, the public number of the situation will be better, but if you look at the spread of words, far less than micro-blog, even QQ space is not as good as. If you want to do with other methods to promote, other methods to promote more than WeChat.

that WeChat’s biggest function is used to do, my view is to connect the user. Is the best customer critical management system, this problem can pull a little farther, for example, I often advocate integrated marketing is the future direction of development. I do SEO and the auction was born, has more than four years in this industry, also contacted several traditional enterprise, traditional enterprise to do promotion, also in charge of the back-end service, encountered a huge problem in which the problem is that many products are not a transformation.

if a product can not be a one-time conversion do? This is the biggest defect of search marketing, because the site is a product of the era of Web1.0, although there are a lot of tools allowing customers to interact with us, but still can not solve a problem, that is the problem of user retention. The user also go away, you can’t connect it to the user, this communication tool can do this, such as QQ space, QQ group, micro-blog, WeChat have this function, you can use a temptation to let users focus on your micro-blog WeChat, QQ space or add QQ group, so a transformation can not continue to affect the user in the late.

believe that in particular the B2B model, a lot of products customers will not see your product will be single, the customer must be the first to understand, and then contrast, and finally after a variety of screening before the final purchase. If you use WeChat to affect users, allowing users to feel that your product is good, your brand is trustworthy, here a little talk about the WeChat marketing content, if it is a personal account do not hard advertising, hard advertising made a few people even if it is not to delete your account will be don’t look at your circle of friends.

it is best to send some products surrounding information, such as delivery today tired, get to work until 12, customers see your WeChat will think a lot of people to buy your products. Then you can send some products such as tracking process, such as the products you want to which part of the production, keep in mind that must be to your people, to your mood, such as a product of the most difficult hurdle after >

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