From mosquito man selling mosquitoes to see network marketing

in June 19th appeared on the sale of a mosquito corpse Taobao information, the owner of the information called Ning Nan, later known as the mosquito man". Then the information about traffic soared 250 thousand, "male mosquitoes" has also become a network reds. June 21st, Ning Nan issued an article on the Internet, I admit, selling mosquitoes is a plan, once again aroused concern, and received a high salary positions in foreign companies. Through this event once again let us see the power of Internet marketing, mosquito man is to seize this point. The mosquito man brings not only the Internet fame and foreign positions, there are many benefits. This event can be seen through the network marketing and one of the main features:

first, the rapid spread of information, one night to create a mosquito man, can also create a well-known products.

two, merchants and buyers are highly interactive, through interactive businesses can better understand the lack of products and customer needs; the same buyers can be more thorough understanding of the product, from intention to purchase.

three, product cost, network marketing can "create" play dripping every minute, to make better use of news propaganda.

such an analysis of the characteristics of network marketing is indeed very tempting, but this kind of marketing is not easy to control, so it is the mosquito man was the reason for foreign positions. It seems to engage in network marketing innovation is the most important, directly related to the effect of network marketing.

above all personal opinion, and we hope to exchange QQ175580774.

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