Blog to promote the most basic of the 4 methods

blog marketing is not to write some articles published in the above can be, it also needs to promote. Blog promotion there are several basic methods.

1 with good platform

for the enterprise, free resources can help to create a blog portal website, can even build several blog updates, so you can make a large amount for accessing the website.

2 in the industry popular blog to seize the sofa posts

can enhance visibility in the short term to attract target customers. Do give similar comments, comments to the point, of course, also want to leave to having substance in speech, your links. Browse the larger blog to write comments left links, can quickly improve the ranking of the site.

3 competitors to dig resources

through the blog, set up a link address on the rival’s blog, of course, this approach is very short.

4 aimed at the target, precision strike

through the development of a network of potential customer groups, in accordance with their online habits published an attractive article, accurately convey sales consulting. You can refer to the general manager of BOLONI’s Cai Ming sofa approach, which I do not say here.

of course, the blog is not only the promotion of these methods, this is just the most basic way I think it, for your reference, if you want to understand the methods of network marketing and SEO, please continue to pay attention to the site update.

Guangzhou SEO, network marketing —Nick.lee

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