For tracking network extrapolation method

my name is Xu, a white extrapolation, today January to enter into this industry is still in the network extrapolation in the practice stage, a lot of things lost in routine, especially don’t know how to track extrapolation effect, who has good tracking network extrapolation methods or suggestions, welcome advice, indebted forever.

here also want to ask you a question, is tracking network extrapolation results can use some peripheral software power? For example, now I see a lot of extrapolation platform one-stop online, want to ask everybody with the system tracking accuracy? Will be much worse and not real data to no matter how ah? I said, an urgent need to find a fast and easy way now, because I was behind the rhythm, every day in order to complete the tools on schedule I have to burn the midnight oil, but even so, the boss is busy slow, I really did not move. So we have to ask for a good point of tracking network extrapolation method, as long as it is able to improve the efficiency of I can try.

there is, I checked the Internet before, there is a claw called cloud network marketing analysis tool management system of the extrapolation as if the fire recommended people quite much, I would like to ask you, how about the management system of network marketing cloud claw analysis, can really intelligent monitoring and data collection ideal effect?? used trouble to introduce in detail. I was optimistic about its links to survival of query and keyword ranking query these two functions, these two aspects are usually the most headache I, if able to get rid of my work naturally a lot easier, so know must help solve


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