How to become a network promotion geek

geeks, here we can understand computer technology or network technology enthusiasts, with the widespread development of the word, not only has geek aficionados synonymous, even in specific areas with high technology or to play to the extreme sign. Today to discuss with you is a network promotion (hereinafter referred to as the SEO geek geeks), as the name suggests, SEO is in the network to promote the geek in the field Master, this is a very sacred and respected titles, become SEO geeks are all webmaster dream of things, because of the title of your contacts will become more broad, work will be relatively easy. But want to become SEO geeks not overnight things, it takes a long time to accumulate, temper, need to do more than others to pay, but also thought to advance, there must be a long-term mean and high-speed operation of the mind, between the ordinary SEOER and SEO geek gap is not one or two words can say clearly, then how can we put the SEO perfectly, the network promotion work to share the pole? I recently collected and summed up the experience of geeks called


one, for the network to promote the production of detailed work plan and objectives

SEO often geek plans and procedures in each step of work well with their own, this is because the network promotion usually have complicated work, not only need to lay outside the chain of high quality, such as in the major forums, Q & a platform to stay outside the chain, blog promotion, promotion and soft, but also a day to update the site inside the original article. These SEOER are a test of patience, as long as a little easier to care for this and lose that, causing unnecessary losses. SEO geek in a promotion, usually the promotion plan had changed, this is not because they have no confidence in their own plan, some people think so geeks are in pursuit of perfect person, if you do wrong, they just to let the promotion work become simple and effective to plan, so that the overall optimization, website promotion to achieve their desired effect.

two, every moment do resource accumulation, to prepare for possible period of want or need

goes well: Rome was not built in a day, everything is not anxious. The accumulation of resources is not one or two days, generally speaking, SEOER need to accumulate resources with high weight blog (need to regularly update the original content), contribute to the article published soft industry portal, network favorites, original articles and so on, these through various channels to accumulate resources will form belongs to your own wealth from less to more, and narrow width. These resources are very helpful to the promotion of the network, such as the high weight of the blog can be used to do sprocket, to attract the spider to grab the site frequency, increase the exposure rate, thereby improving the keywords ranking and weight.

three, indecisive, focusing on the implementation of

will only talk and do not perform, say no more useless, the theory of high

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