An analysis on the profit model of local lawyer website

the development of the Internet today, more and more people become a personal webmaster, because it is too easy to build a website. The most simple personal website costs only more than and 100 yuan, including the domain name and hosting costs, web site can be downloaded free of charge on the internet. So this has led to the increasingly fierce competition in the site, as is known to all, to build a local industry site, is a good choice, as long as the profit model will get a decent profit.

on the local lawyer website to do a simple analysis:

first, the advantages of building a local lawyer network is as follows:

1, competition is relatively small compared to other industries.

local lawyer network to prefecture level city, for example, in a prefecture level city, some do not even have more than only 1-3 home, less competitive.

2, low cost.

because it is a local site, which determines the flow of the site will not be particularly large, if you can reach more than IP1000, then this site is very good. This site can be operated by a virtual host, eliminating the need to hire a server of high cost investment.

3, the site is relatively simple procedure.

local lawyer nets, even with a forum program can be set up, or use a post station program can also, a lot of good lawyers network is built that way, in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising here is no longer an example.

4, good prospects.

there will be more and more people on the Internet to seek legal aid, broad prospects.

5, less manpower consumption

basically maintains a local lawyer nets, a person is enough.

two, local lawyer network profit model is as follows:

1, you can put advertising alliance advertising to earn revenue.

advertising alliance is one of the many sites profit model, the lawyer network is no exception. Recommend Google union Google Adsense, high price, good reputation. Baidu alliance threshold is difficult to apply for other low price alliance.

2, do Taobao customers gain.

can be placed on the legal system of lawyers Taobao online customer links, such as legal books, etc..

3, working with local legal training institutions.

there must be a lot of local legal professional training institutions or training courses, you can sell them to advertising to make money, or for them to recruit students, earn commission.

5, to local lawyers or law firms rental advertising.

this should be the main income of local lawyer nets. In the long run, local lawyers also face the main network

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