Dong Jingyi talk about the implementation of forum marketing skills

, a vest

in order to create an atmosphere, to a large number of registered vest, which is pre conditions of speculation, if it is usually a strong brand hype, may only need a small amount of vest can cause the user spontaneous discussion, if not a strong brand, you need more vest, we need more manpower.

two, participate in

In addition to

posts, but also for the post and the daily and forum user communication, the purpose of doing so is to make the ID into the community, accumulated more prestige.

three, contacts

forum, community administrators, moderators and establish effective communication mechanism, usually professional network marketing company will establish an effective link between administrators and moderators and the main forum, may sometimes apply some petty, this is more conducive to the development of community marketing activities.

four, parameter

summed up the forum marketing effect requires statistical parameters:

1 release forum number

2 release topic number

3 post browsing

4 post reply

5 posts have been add

6, top management operation is


delete rate

five, the implementation of

1 to collect a list of forums, and the classification of the collected forums (such as: entertainment, regional, women, finance, integrated, etc.) and attribute labeling (such as: popularity, seriousness, whether to support the link URL).

2 registered accounts, unified registration Chinese ID, in order to improve the efficiency of subsequent posts. Registration account requires all account information must be completed, must upload the avatar, and the user name must be in Chinese, so that the account can be more formal, enhance the credibility of the account.

The release of

3 will be the theme, write good soft Wen released to the appropriate forum the forum, forum and forum content analysis to identify requirements and atmosphere, prevent the theme and layout content deviation is too large, resulting in high cut rate. If necessary, according to the content of the page to adjust the title or content, so that the soft text close to the theme.

4 tracking and maintenance, maintenance of the theme: Theme Released, will theme URL document storage, in order to follow-up effect analysis and maintenance, the theme is released, to do regular visits to the theme, visit projects include: check whether the theme is deleted, perform operations (such as: add, lifting, top, buried), if someone responds to questions or questions, answer the user’s question, the top post. Account maintenance: for the popular forum, need to cultivate senior account, use the advanced account and forum members to establish interactive relationship, improve account popularity and reputation, authority, make the account become the community opinion leaders, so as to make the account issued by the theme more persuasive.

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