Discussion on the operation mode of network 114 city characters

ten years of China’s Internet, the rapid development of. Internet users from the initial access to the basic needs of the site, the development of online entertainment, online shopping, online commerce, etc., to the present Web2.0, SNS.

before the advent of Web2.0, the Internet as the main content of information. With the emergence of the Web2.0 website, the importance of people gradually reflected, SNS is to enhance the value of an absolute height. SNS human centered, fully tap the human relationship, knowledge, information, etc., to provide users with more

good social relationship services, access to information provided by the user, knowledge and other resources. SNS to meet the emotional needs of people, the formation of a virtual family, making the rapid development of SNS web site.

and recently, the emergence of the network 114 city characters, do not fully dig out the value of the people, and let the value can be turned into revenue. The 114 is the largest network Chinese Chinese business life pages, city people channel on the line for three months, attracted more than 20 thousand registered users, including legal, design, planning, training, model, doctors and other users of all walks of life. Further understanding can go to the website: http://s.ren.net114.com/

the rapid development of each web site, can not be separated from the operation model of the site itself, the network 114 City figures are no exception. I think the network 114

city people have the following three advantages:

1, 114 city network characters, from the angle of knowledge, belong to the open type witkey. Users can publish their own service expertise and personal experience, ability, etc., to meet the business needs of users;

2, 114 city network characters, from the perspective of the characters belong to the yellow pages, yellow pages. Take the city as the entrance, according to the industry classification polymerization, easy to form the scale effect, forms the competition barrier to the later generation;

3, the network of the city of the 114 characters, with the characteristics of the SNS site, the user can set up a personal living room, you can know business friends, expand contacts.

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