Through the human flesh search engine to see Witkey

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[1] what is human flesh search engine?

human search engine refers to the use of artificial participation to purify the search engine to provide a mechanism for information. Human flesh search engine is one of the more successful examples. Later we will according to human flesh search engine gives a more detailed description.

Link and Spam for search engines may never stop, because they can benefit from their evil actions in the Farm. We know that gain is not the only reason to be evil, but the only reason for a large-scale industrial evil is, of course, the benefit.

so, this is a war can never be ended, as long as the search engine is still the most widely used a kind of Internet applications, as long as the search engine or the user to find the most appropriate means of service. Many people attributed the problem to PageRank technology, when people are also complaining about META keyword and description technology. Maybe Google or other companies can study more great technology to replace PageRank, but who knows what this new technology will become the chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival.

search engine is a kind of technology which uses machine automation to collect network information. Search engine efficient and fast, but now because of artificial intelligence is not perfect, it is difficult to identify the search engine deliberately, modified information, so SEO Spam will be so rampant. Therefore, some people want to solve the problem from the opposite side of the search engine, that is, the more the use of artificial search engines to get further information extraction, further ordered, we call it human search engine.

[2] the origin of human flesh search engine

many people know there is a China called forum, popularity is very busy. Tiny is a loyal user of this forum from 2001 to 2004. In my impression, the human search engine concept should come from

like many forums, above also often asked this question of the problem. At the same time, a virtual currency called Mp, people often ask questions Mp will be used to reward those who can help them. Although Mp can’t eat or drink, but still a lot of people addicted to earn more Mp. Those who used to earn Mp by answering questions in the are generally referred to as a bounty hunter.

so interesting scene appeared, someone needs to solve a problem, in the post and promised a certain number of Mp as a reward. Soon, there will be a bounty hunter to see this post, they will to use search engines to find the answer to the problem, then to find the answer to fall over each other in their posts. Finally, the question of who get the answer, bounty hunter got Mp to the satisfaction of all. This also forms the so-called human flesh search engine mechanism. Interesting >

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