How to make use of hot events to do nternet soft marketing

on the Internet, a lot of hot events have spread quickly, so many Internet marketers are selected through the hot issues to do Internet marketing, hoping to earn more popularity for their Internet marketing. In general, Internet marketing is called, with the help of hot news, event or topic, for tracking observation, comments, opinions and related information, combining the decryption to the promotion of the brand of written text, and through the Internet to carry out marketing, if done correctly, can bring the results and unexpected effects to the enterprise.

, a hot events in the title of the article to have novel and unique, in order to achieve the ideal effect in the


believe we all believe that the title of a successful Internet soft text effect. Long lived in the Internet cattle people know that a widespread and very successful internet marketing soft, the title is very attractive to the eye, can achieve very high hit rate, which is one of the important conditions for improving the success rate of our soft, only the hot events and the title of the article is very good integration into one, is tempting title in general, the majority of Internet users will get most of their own brand of concern.

two, able to accurately find and summarize the hot issues behind the hot issues

The deep reason behind

only the most incisive "Anatomy" a hot event, in order to get attention, empathy and discussion for more users, in this article to express views to deeply, to stimulate discussion and thinking readers and friends, but also in the analysis and thinking about the end of the hot events, we must according to the conclusions derived successfully himself to the promotion of the brand, to do so, but also let you not feel disgusted, so as to achieve the best promotion effect.

three, popular soft Wen marketing remember not to forget to do SEO optimization

a lot of people think of using hot events to do soft marketing, but just to promote their products, but ignore the site’s SEO optimization.

many people feel hot events do not have any relationship with their own keyword promotion, but as long as through sound reasoning, let these events effectively and their site keywords with the above, whether it is from the beginning of this article, or in the end, as long as reasonable website keywords, plus anchor keywords the text is reasonable, so the effect of the SEO optimization will be greatly improved, and it will not affect the marketing promotion effect of


four, popular soft release platform to diversify, but also to have the frequency of

usually soft Wen release, must be carried out from different media, not every day is at a particular site, it is not conducive to the website optimization, is not conducive to the promotion of soft reading crowd, but also not conducive to the coverage of the soft wen.

is usually a soft Wen can release >

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