Why should say real estate advertising companies can not do

In Zhengzhou a few days before

, ten minutes doing small share, talk about my big mouth, first paragraph, I said "advertising company can not grow, then a lot of people and I said, what you want to say advertising companies not bigger, not also have large companies such as Czechoslovakia? Group, Hamilton Hall, orange day China etc..


yes, these are the relatively large real estate advertising companies, but compared to many real estate development companies, the number of advertising companies, can be considered a lot of it, can be considered a universal


today is not nonsense, just say what I think the advertising company can not make " there are three reasons.

a, energy

I can be very responsible person said, 90% of the outstanding real estate advertising company, it is because a person or a group have become good, that is the boss or partner, such as the range rover to Yang Haihua, dear to Liang Feng.

many customers fancy advertising company behind, in fact, is a fancy to the excellent advertising.

it is said that once the company signed a contract, the boss must come to the project every month to open a regular meeting as the terms of cooperation. At the same time, I also encountered a party’s Tucao, saying that every time the boss is to wait for the advertising company, in order to determine the next phase of the project will not be able to meet the basic decision.

but only 30 days a month, only a week of 7 days, a boss’s energy is always limited, but also the management of the company had to go out to meet, one of the sub decorated multi angle, how to do?

two, human

human resources is one of the important reasons for restricting the advertising company.

first said wages. Ten years ago, the advertising company can receive monthly fee about 6-7w, but ten years later, many of the projects fee is 6-7w, but advertisers who wages have been rising, increasing labor costs, the company based income is no big change, but also suffered a bad debt arrears situation, many companies can live on very good.

project again. An advertising company, everyone’s ability is a 2-3 service project, do a very hard, the proposal can also hold, but the real implementation requires the recruitment of new personnel, and if the project service expires two or three later, or you receive a new project, otherwise people still have to feed her. In case a new project, and to recruit people.

all of a sudden, is there a rhythm of the dead cycle.

three, threshold

perhaps, advertisers are the lowest threshold position.

did 2-3 years of new people, dare to move to get a higher salary, the company will have to. A few days ago, a friend of a company recruit people, a job

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