Do a small but beautiful high quality micro Amoy public number platform

today to talk about the issue of micro Amoy public numbers. As you know, women’s cosmetics, Taobao has been the most popular category, so many micro Amoy public numbers are doing the content recommendation, including the now ranked 20 tens of thousands of fans of the account is female related content recommendation.

is it possible to do these micro Amoy hot content? The answer is definitely NO!

these days a male content public number of micro Amoy attracted my attention, this account has 6 days without updates, the latest update time is May 2nd, but that fans are still growing rapidly, currently has more than 80 thousand fans.

now, micro Amoy beta recommended attention list is updated according to the content arrangement, is the latest update of the account will be in the front row, all the 6 days not update the contents of the account is in a row on the position of the back, but it is growing every day a lot of fans. This is because the micro Amoy account now online account inside the male related content it is a concern, male fans in the account information recommended list will take the initiative to find their own want to focus on account.

micro Amoy fans are active get attention, so the micro Amoy public account of the fans are high quality fan precision, especially suitable for the vertical segments of content, such as a snack, fans 100 thus obtained is a chowhound chowhound, see you push the contents of all this is a variety of delicacy snacks, chowhound can resist the temptation to buy? And so on, you can do all segments of the content, not to do like a swarm of bees these popular content all women’s cosmetics.

is now the micro Amoy public number, there have been some good characteristics of the account, like [] this soap flower Lane operations account is the content of soap such a small segment of the industry, now has more than 20 thousand fans, more than 20 thousand fans of this quality is very high, and now micro-blog do promotion of Taobao products, find a few millions of fans to send advertising marketing account day estimates were not much, but such a 20 thousand fans micro Amoy account, may send out a content will bring dozens of orders.

see someone to micro Amoy and micro-blog, WeChat public platform to do comparison.

micro Amoy and micro-blog, WeChat is the largest public platform, micro Amoy is a shopping guide platform, micro Amoy number operation content to attract buyers, operators need to do is to provide high quality content and high quality of the baby to the fans.

a simple example of a Taobao ad in a millions of fans of micro-blog marketing account, micro-blog comments below basically is: TMD, bloggers and advertisers, decisively to cancel attention! ", but in the micro Amoy public account above recommended several Taobao baby reply is:" good love, think of "where to buy ah (white, I do not know.

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