Google search engine on the interpretation of cheating

Google ranking significance:

according to statistics released by Jupiter MediaMetrix in 2002, 79% of Internet users rely on search engines to obtain information, information search has become the second largest Internet application after e-mail. Among the many search engines, Google with its huge amount of search, fast and accurate search results and high visibility become synonymous with search engines, so naturally become the first choice for enterprise website promotion.
Google ranking optimization:

: a hidden text / hidden links
generally refers to a site for search engine design, but the text content or links to see ordinary visitors. Among the various hidden techniques, the most common is to set the text or link text font color to the background color is the same or very close.

(Invisable/hidden text) hidden text
  to improve keyword relevance score by keywords contains a large number of pages in the premise of not affecting the appearance of the site, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the search engine ranking.

(Invisable/hidden links)
  by adding stealth to the target page optimization link on other pages in the premise of not affecting the appearance of the website, by improving the link to improve search engine ranking scores.

Two: "

and Google does not match the description of
General submit a site in the first search engine, such as the site has been included in other pages after replacing the website. "Bait behavior (Bait-& -Switch)" belong to this type of substitution to create a page optimization and a common page, then the page is submitted to the search engine optimization, when optimizing pages indexed by search engines and then to ordinary page instead.

three: misleading or repetitive keywords


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