Valentine’s Day 2012 main B2C website promotions inventory

ship to years now has been the depth of the localization of western "Valentine’s Day", due to gather the business enterprise target user consumer enthusiasm, and suffered many popular B2C website. Valentine’s day as the link between the electricity supplier website and end users, in this easy to produce consumption and consumption of the time node, the contribution of China’s online shopping market to promote consumer data. In this period, the author of the 2012 Valentine’s day B2C website promotion inventory, want to pry behind the first post for a good start "Valentine’s welfare", the major electricity supplier companies "exhaust all the skills".

1+1> 2

: Baotuan joint promotion

is different with the single electricity supplier website single-handed fight the enemy separately in previous years, the 2012 electricity supplier Baotuan joint promotion into a big bright spot. On February 7th -14 this year, NetEase like India pie, where customers, new egg, Le bee and five business jointly launched the "love toward me" Valentine’s day joint promotions, the minimum five fold. In different vertical areas of them, as a result of the promotion of the same strategy and a faction, CO promotion, win-win market. The industry believes that the electricity supplier in the vertical field of high-quality resources exchange, sharing of communication resources, not only saves marketing costs, but also can make the consumers can enjoy different kinds of products of equal amount of promotion in a promotional activities can not only meet the demand for vertical electric commodities, and make up a single vertical electricity supplier. To achieve a one-stop shopping, in order to produce 1+1> effect; 2. Including Kelan diamond,, Newegg mall, elegant 100, gold mesh, B2C website is organized an alliance of 11 larger.

Individual Combat: in the name of love, pours

with a number of business Baotuan joint promotion is different, the single electricity supplier website single combat, use the "Valentine’s Day" in the name of love, earn pours. Domestic well-known electronic business platform or companies such as Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong,, mall handles network, F group, e of the sea on Valentine’s Day promotional activities can be seen, the electricity supplier website "doomsday" Valentine’s Day promotional merchandise covers for the festival mainly involved in the object of many category need almost, are deconstructed:


, a romantic tone, though, from jewelry, dolls and other gifts, to "love Valentine’s Day Hotel selling activities, many businesses launched the" hundred regiments". Courtship candles, creative decorative lights, can not be described as creative.

, Tmall, Taobao and romantic style line of promotional merchandise only highlight into clothing, cosmetics, bags, flower delivery, ornaments, Valentine’s Day is not fully ready to work.

Jingdong, Valentine’s day, how can forget the love story?". From the festival on the eve of portals generous advertising for Valentine’s day, which shows the 3C promotion as the main battlefield of the Jingdong, the festival’s attention. And this covers the category, from clothing to food, jewelry bags and so on, Jingdong flagship Valentine’s day product categories, can be described as a variety of

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