Want to become an annual salary of 30W you must have these 4 operational thinking


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had a friend who had a problem with me –

is a good product manager, in some way of thinking, often with other ordinary people will have significant differences, for example: small fast spirit is always better than large, solutions to all the problems will give priority to the transformation mechanism, everything will return to the user, and demand scene three elements to be specific analysis, etc..

so, an excellent cattle operation, is it possible that there are some different from ordinary people, a specific way of thinking?

this question, I think for a long time, but also with a lot of people chatted, I found that, in addition to like data, planning, communication skills to promote some partial aspects of things so outside, or generally has a significant difference between the 4 point level of thinking.

I’ll tell you all about it.

1 process thinking

A core difference between

an excellent operation and an ordinary person, is the best operation to get a problem, will return to the process, to sort out the problem of the whole process, and then from the process to find potential solutions. For ordinary people, it is more likely to shoot directly out of the solution.

for example, once someone asked by the line, and then asked me a question: teacher, we want to do a HR oriented activities now, think through this activity to our WeChat with a number of fans, the things we line is not active site in a two-dimensional code

on the line?

and that’s how I respond to her —

if you focus on how to increase the number of fans for the purpose of WeChat through this activity, we can first sort out the activities of the past to the whole process, I guess it should be like this:


based on this process, we can look at every link, what things are to do and do:


in simple terms, this link in the propaganda activities, we should consider things may include confirmation of activity time, location, and other guests, promotional push channel, time and frequency, but if the pull based powder to consider.

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