Discussion on the promotion strategy of medical website network

website promotion channels, choose their own ability to play the maximum effect. We do website promotion programs, the need for network investigation and analysis of the web site keywords screening; positioning website core keywords and promotion theme positioning according to the nature of the site. Promotion positioning is mainly based on the overall operation of the hospital or the company to determine the plan, the purpose of the promotion is to expand the sales market, or do brand image promotion, etc..

website keyword screening

when we set the site keywords, we first need to understand the nature of industry and product knowledge; only understand the products and the industry needs to dig out the incisive words, can choose consumer often search and want to understand the product information core keywords and long tail keywords. Such as liver disease hospital, I am in Wuhan Puji hospital keywords positioning liver disease, liver disease and liver disease hospital mainly located Wuhan liver disease hospital the three core words as the top word, then we will go to the design of liver disease type keywords: hepatitis B HBeAg, small Sanyang, liver cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, etc. two kinds of words finally, the design; such as hepatitis B HBeAg can be cured? Infectious liver cirrhosis? Liver cirrhosis can live long? Etc..

website popularity analysis

we need to analyze the site of their own consumer groups in which sites or forums gathered to find the location of the crowd gathered and then to draw them to their own website. Website popularity is to comprehensive analysis of all kinds of data, the most effective way is to make traffic statistical analysis in their own website; at present I commonly used is 51 La statistical Adsense statistics CAN, the hospital website can also be accessed through the customer service business background source statistical analysis, which sites to visit the highest rate. Then selectively put ads, bring more web consulting.

localization site advertising

There are relatively popular local service sites and community forum

each city area, such as the Hangzhou 19 Building, Wuhan East Lake community, Thailand boring, local dating sites and classified information network and discount nets, local businesses comment, health forum, medical network, and so on; the hospital or enterprises can according to their own web site to select several web sites of local high popularity as a key to promote advertising; advertising forms, such as content exchange, Links exchange, hard advertising, hanging business, FLASH animation and other forms of cooperation.

Baidu bidding

said Baidu bid now too familiar, medical website in Baidu bidding than any other industry competition will be fierce, money is the most effective and short-term; because of the need to increase revenue, the choice for advertising means is the best mode. I think, in the Chinese search engine rankings, in addition to Baidu, but also can be considered to put other search engines, reason >

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