Analysis of e book promotion methods

rational use of e-books can quickly enhance the visibility of the promotion, open consumer market. The e-book itself according to human nature, life, convenient more convenient and easier for the public to accept, Hou Qinglong and talk about the ebook promotion advantages and steps:

a, e-book convenient

made TXT text book, the user can store the phone, you can view the browser at any time.

two, e-books save

relative to the computer, the current mobile phone virus spread is not yet popular, relative to the computer is relatively safe, with a mobile phone, memory card is more convenient for long-term preservation of e-books.

three, e-book reading

e-book is a separate file line, can be separated from the network, offline reading.

four, e-book communication

ebook communication is very convenient, as the file is packaged, can transfer software, chat tools, e-mail to quickly reach every corner of the world, I have received Falungong do brochures in the mail, it seems even they know the rational use of network marketing, network is everywhere.

five, e-book utility


e-books generally lies in saving resources, don’t go wrong, free circulation, like Wang Tong, understand, Feng Yingjian promotion strategy and so on one very important point is the use of e-books, to improve the visibility and authority, recognized by the industry, the SEO industry in the seoer-zac can be the beginning of a book, wait and see in.

six, e-book advertising

e-book is a kind of advertising media, can integrate text, images, sound and video, using a reasonable extension line, put the advertisement into e-books, or add a link, can quickly improve site traffic.

ebook promotion step

ebook preparation

e-books to prepare the theme ideas, directories, themes, user groups, writing time.

e-book finishing work


content of the draft should be finished, organizing, content optimization, selection of text, you can refer others to the contents of the article, taking long, short of its own, after all, the user is more interested in the accuracy and practicability of the content, I do not care about you.

e-book publishing promotion

if you want to prohibit copying content copyright protection, can be made into a EXE file, if you want to make your ebook general, can be made into a variety of formats, such as txt and chm format, PDF format, doc format, jar format, UMD format, more use of your ebook publicly known. Do a good job can be submitted to a number of e-book download stations, forums, portals, industry class website, promote e-book products.

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