Break through the bottleneck in the innovative mode of personal website to deus ex

      Express Network hand Tencent, becoming China’s largest portal on the "life search" channel; and the storm has released a text chain advertising, announced the launch of the commercialization strategy. Recently, the personal website to create a new legend of the Internet frequently occur, whether it indicates that the 2007 personal website ushered in another spring? Experts believe that in order to have a breakthrough in the field of personal web site, we must break through the bottleneck of innovation model.

      personal website can live long

      according to the CNNIC survey, in 2006 the number of personal sites reached 240 thousand, an increase of more than in the year of 2005, highlighting the enthusiasm of the masses in the era of Web2.0 to the Internet gold rush. Recently, the Internet association of communication and development center director Hu Yanping has revealed that the source of personal income last year, a serious decline in the source, generally facing the shortage of funds and market development problems.

      at present, the development of personal website is facing three major difficulties. It is a single profit model, most are filled with MMS, video downloads, advertising alliance, will contribute to flow out, in exchange for a meager return from the Internet and wireless big hands. The second is the lack of content, to create a large number of new content attractive, only everywhere and copied, resulting in many websites are deja vu garbage station.

      and an important dilemma is to promote problem, in order to make the individual website to get more traffic, people were exhausted from the technique, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) to pop, Alexa, rogue plug-ins, pornography and illegal keyword ranking cheating etc.. The promotion of war is not only fierce competition between the webmaster resources, millions of technology, but also because of opportunistic network rules and regulations and even destruction, by the relevant regulators monday. Search engine giant, Alexa to clean up the fraud often make some sites to enhance the ranks of efforts to zero. In the fierce competition in the industry and the increasingly stringent external regulation of the network environment, every webmaster may be worried about: how long my site can live?

      search innovation to break the promotion problem

      with the change of the monitoring environment, the webmaster of the domestic personal website is more and more inclined to choose the reasonable way of development. The website promotion of the most popular SEO as an example, the "search engine optimization" is ranked by the corresponding means to make their own website relevant keywords in Baidu, YAHOO, Google three search results in the forefront, in order to guarantee high flow and effective promotion. In addition, there is a promotion of search engine marketing, is

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