Onezero passenger landing platform for cross border electricity supplier electricity market in South

electricity supplier market in Southeast Asia before (money) king lofty, with the strength and potential of the electronic business platform is growing up. Located in the global business platform, "initially onezero guest" hit the current Lazada main market – ASEAN business market, with its own advantages richly endowed by nature conditions, grab a space for one person.

this electronic business platform, is a large-scale investment in china. The platform and LAZADA as completely localized, rooted in Philippines, Southeast Asia, a serious local electricity supplier, the boss is Chinese, well versed in China manufacturing export pain point, personally led a team of experienced investment, to fully support domestic operations team. Two kinds of genes in blood compatibility, let "onezero guest" bag.

day before, Hugo network into the mysterious cross-border electronic business platform.


– "onezero guest" was born, will reform the traditional foreign trade


in the domestic large-scale investment "onezero guest" is not a green hand, but made a full preparation before landing.


Responsible person told the Hugo network

onezero guest, onezero guest CEO Dai Zhihua has served as the "HUAWEI" Hungary and Philippines regions of CEO, then he took a fancy to Southeast Asia’s booming electricity supplier market, to buy the Philippines top five electricity supplier Tesco network "as a" shortcut ", quickly landing, and make more innovation. To expand the cross-border from local operations.

the responsible person described, such as thunder all ears, a matter of course, the past "Tesco network" into today’s "onezero guest", through all aspects of cross-border trade in electricity supplier. She said, onezero guest has built the world’s business platform (B2B platform and B2C platform), international logistics platform, payment management platform, in the operation of logistics, collection, promotion, and the whole chain of export orders such as export agent, customs declaration, customs clearance, will provide comprehensive services to help businesses quickly open the Southeast Asian market.

onezero off to the "nanny" all inclusive service, responsible for brand businesses in Southeast Asia landing. Its CEO generation Chi Chi and investors in Philippines not only has many years of sales channels and connections, but also the formation of the operating team to solve the destination country logistics, customer service, and promotion issues. Merchants only need to provide products, do not assume any extension costs and risks. However, onezero customers only accept high-quality products, strict audit to merchants.

in this regard, Dai Zhihua said that Chinese manufacturing homogeneous low price competition not only fierce and harsh, market reputation in jeopardy, onezero guest wants the United China manufacturers, Chinese brands, go out the same way of development, to develop a new trade market, raise prices, enhance the value of. And this is the impact of China’s manufacturing industry to deal with the impact of neighboring countries, must do self reform.


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